For a family house in Brussels

This wardrobe is located in the centre of a family home. The request was to make a striking, vibrant and upbeat piece of furniture.  Its design is unique but also functional and appropriate for the daily life of the inhabitants.

I have chosen wood species that contrast sharply in colour. The light panels are made of European maple. I have textured them with a gouge. For the darker panels I have chosen purpleheart. I have sawn them with the band saw while leaving them rough. The frame is made out of French oak. I left the vertical parts natural but the horizontal parts are fumed.  


The wardrobe provides space to hang coats and above you can find storage space.

Design by François Jossart
Choice of species, textures and built by Ann Vanden Branden
Photography by Toon Grobet

French oak, Purpleheart, European maple
3,50m x 0,79m x 0,60m


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